The Sam Loyd Company is the official organisation behind the Sam Loyd brand. We are responsible for everything related to the work of Sam Loyd and Sam Loyd Junior.


The Sam Loyd Company was founded by Sam Loyd in 1892 to produce his many inventions. When he passed away in 1911, it was inherited by his son, Sam Loyd Junior, who continued to run it until his own death in 1934. Today, that same company is responsible for promoting, educating, publishing, distributing and protecting the work and legacies of both Sam Loyd and Sam Loyd Junior. 


The Sam Loyd Company is the legal owner of trademarks which represent the work of Sam Loyd and Sam Loyd Junior. “Sam Loyd”, the Sam Loyd logo, “Samuel Loyd”, “”, “S. Loyd”, “Loyd”, “Get Off The Earth”, “Teddy and the Lions”, “The Lost Man”, “Famous Trick Donkeys, “Puzzle of the Trick Mules”, the answer to the Famous Trick Donkeys, “The Pony Puzzle”, “Our Puzzle Magazine”, “Mrs. Wiggs”, “Sam Loyd’s Puzzle Gems” and “Hard Nuts to Crack” are all registered and protected trademarks of The Sam Loyd Company and may not be used without permission.

Authentic Sam Loyd

Each product created by The Sam Loyd Company carries the Sam Loyd logo. This is your guarantee that the item you have purchased is a genuine Sam Loyd article that has been created using the very best techniques available, and is made from materials faithful to the high standards first set by Sam Loyd over a century ago. Each product goes through a stringent quality control phase before it is deemed worthy enough to carry the Authentic Sam Loyd logo and made available around the world. Please do not purchase any Sam Loyd items that do not carry the Authentic Sam Loyd logo.

Beware Of Imitators

Even in the beginning, Sam Loyd had to deal with imitators. In 1872, the famous showman, P. T. Barnum, who licensed the use of the Trick Mules puzzle, published a caution in newspapers “against using or paying for cards not having the imprint of the inventor, S. LOYD.” Please ensure that any Sam Loyd items you purchase carry the Authentic Sam Loyd logo, marking them as produced by The Sam Loyd Company. 

Brand Protection

The Sam Loyd Company has a zero tolerance policy in regards to the unauthorised use of our intellectual property rights (such as copyrights, trademarks and design rights). Under no circumstance is anyone authorised to use our images on any medium related to our products without written consent. This includes all images that appear on our website and products. Failure to do that will result in legal action. We also ask our customers to never purchase products or support websites that illegally use our property.


All items produced by The Sam Loyd Company are made from either cardboard or paper. Our materials are sourced from sustainable organisations who share our ethics on sustainable production, ensuring that we contribute positively to the world and our environment. All of our products are 100% recyclable.

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