The Pony Puzzle Card

Sam Loyd’s first puzzle card, The Pony Puzzle, was first introduced in 1868.

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This is just the way Sam Loyd first published The Pony Puzzle in 1868. It was used to sell everything from tea to soap.

The cardboard that Sam Loyd used for his puzzle cards was specially selected by him. He wanted to ensure that it had the right balance of texture and thickness, to not only enhance his graphics, but to also give you the best in-hand embellishment when holding the card to solve it.

The Sam Loyd Company has been able to recreate that same cardboard, as first used by Sam Loyd, using original sources. The cardboard is exclusively manufactured for our use and goes by the product code No.1868, in tribute to the release of the very first puzzle card.

To ensure that you experience the puzzle cards just the way Sam Loyd intended you to, be sure to buy only cards created by The Sam Loyd Company. Each carry the Sam Loyd logo, which is a registered trademark and your guarantee of the highest quality.

All cards come with a separate answer card.


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